One of my major responsibilities while at National Instruments was the design of the Launcher (our navigation setup) for LabVIEW software. LabVIEW is an interactive program development and execution system designed for engineers (used by NASA, SpaceX, Tesla, Lego) who need to program as part of their job. Unlike other programming languages like C, C++, or Java that rely on text, LabVIEW relies on a powerful graphics & tools.

The Launcher automatically opens when the software is connected and is the main navigation for everything from locating and connecting hardware, to getting help, opening existing projects, seeing new lessons or videos, etc.

Because it was such a complex project, it took over a year of working with marketing teams, engineers, programmers, and user research to complete it. This also includes 3x a week stand-ups with the our design team for constant feedback, ensuring the design it was still on brand with the rest of our product.