Malaysia Bound


After island hopping for a month in Thailand we said goodbye to Will and Cal and headed to Penang, Malaysia. 

Three busses, two trains split by a quick bribe to cross the Thai border, a ferry & a ride with a friendly stranger who wanted to lend some travelers a hand, and we found ourselves in downtown Georgetown, Penang's capital and largest city. A patchwork quilt of architecture and cultures wrought by a history of prosperous trade and colonial rule, Penang is layered with British forts and clock towers, Chinese temples, Roman influenced government buildings, all lined with Malay mosques. Not too big, not too small, the island is capped with mountains and dotted with sandy beaches.

The picture below was taken from the inside the temple Kek Lok Si and it perfectly illustrates why I love Penang and could settle down here for a bit. It has everything I could want: mountains to the left, city to the right, ocean ahead and history and amazing architecture all around. 

X Marissa