Falling for Koh Lipe

After 22 hours of being in transit, we arrive on the tiny island of Koh Lipe (pronounced lee-pay) at 8pm. Everyone is cranky, tired, and we have no reservations. We carry our big ass backpacks up hills trying to find a place we can afford on such short notice...to no avail. Kyle and I decide to hail a tuk tuk, but find they do things differently here on Koh Lipe. We get in what looks like a wheeled box attached to the side of a motorbike and tell our driver to take us to the cheapest place. With little room, we hold our bags in our laps and in the cool breeze I can't help but feel like I'm in Hagrid's sidecar. I loved it. 

For 800 baht ($22) we split a bungalow on the beach. It only takes me a day to realize that if the island wasn't so expensive I could easily get stuck here.

The island is tiny; you could walk the whole thing in 10 minutes. You won't find clubs or loud bars here, and the main walking street clears out about 11pm. I spend almost every morning at Lipe Bakery for coffee and toast, the afternoons at the beach or snorkeling, dine on fresh fish for dinner followed by Pooh's Bar for movie night & beer at 9pm. Currently my life is so in flux I welcomed having a routine to fall into. It was 3 days of total and utter chillness in paradise.