Catching Dinner

The first time my boyfriend cooked me dinner, he served Elk Taco Soup. He explained that his best friend Will, a hunting guide near Yellowstone National Park, shot the elk and gave him the meat. I had never met anyone who kills for their own dinner (I grew up in a city of 2 million. Who has time for that when you have HEB?). Kyle on the other hand has many hunting and fishing stories, most of which involve Will. 

This explains how I found myself getting up at 6am to go fishing on Koh Lipe. 

If it was free and I had nothing else going on, I would go fishing again. That is not to say I didn't have an amazing time fishing! We ALL caught fish (Cal, Will and Kyle caught massive Sailfish, and I caught a Jackfish). However, the trip did validate my theory that fishing is 90% waiting around.

In fishing's defense though, I forgot to bring beer which I've been told is the most important part.. 

"Give Marissa a fish and she will eat for the day, teach Marissa to fish and she will still keep buying her own salmon."