Postcard from Koh Lanta

Dear Friend,

Koh Lanta is one of Thailand's more popular islands, and though I never went swimming on the beach (it was too rocky) I see why.  I spent one afternoon on a motorbike exploring the whole island, stopping every so often to check out monkeys and explore random hiking trails. The next day we went kayaking and the day after I had the best dive of my life! We got to see some Leopard and Blacktip sharks but this dive also came with a cost, my first case of the BENDS. It was my own fault, I went too deep too quick in an attempt to get closer to a large turtle that no one had seen yet. After a few minutes it stops eating bubble coral, swims right at me and passes inches away as it floats towards the surface. It was AMAZING, but within minutes I felt sharp shooting pains in my neck and legs that quickly spread and a wave of dizziness spread over me. I was running through air too fast but we came up soon afterwards. My muscles stung for about an hour after but after lots of water and food I felt better...totally worth it to see that turtle though!

X Marissa