Postcard from Koh Toa

Greetings from our first little island, Koh Toa!

After the grit and grime of Bangkok, (our last night included a strip club and 2am street sightings you can't unsee) I could not wait to relax and settle into island life. On the boat ride over a guy suggested we try Scuba Shack for bungalows and diving, and since we didn't have our stay booked we went for it. It is run by a cool German man and I would highly suggest it if you are ever in Koh Toa! We stayed next to the dive shop, in some beach bungalows that were $8 per person. We worked in the mornings, dived in the afternoon, drank beers with the European instructors in the evening and ate pad thai or crepes from street vendors every night. My only qualm with Koh Toa is the north part is SWARMING with backpackers...I'd love to go back and check out the less touristy south side one day.