Lost in Transit

We left Bangkok at 8pm, got on a full bus and find the only spots left: two seats in the last row of the bus. The back of the bus, where instead of two seats you have five smushed backpackers who have no window and feel every bump and bounce of the road. Tucked between an English and German traveler, Kyle and I chat with them about their travels until a movie starring The Rock comes on. We try and get comfortable in seats that don't recline and settle in for the ten hour bus ride ahead of us. The speakers for the movie are above our heads and so loud that we don't have a choice put to pay attention as Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) tries to save his family from massive killer earthquakes. An hour later I decide I can't take anymore, take half an Ambiene and hope The Rock's voice can cradle me to sleep. 

But of course it didn't. Around 4 am we groggily get off the bus and set up camp outside a pier (pictured above). Everyone on the bus is backpacking, some stay up drinking and playing cards while most, like myself, find a bench and attempt to sleep. About and hour and a half later the sun comes up and make our way onto the ferry that will take us to Koh Tao

It is a four hour ferry. This is the thing about vagabonding I hadn't thought much about before leaving, constantly being "In Transit".  Every ferry, bus, speedboat you see in Thailand will be full of backpackers from around the world. They will all be a little tired, a little sunburnt but completely in love with what they are doing and where they are.