Foodgasm in Chiang Mai

After our stint in Cambodia we bussed it across the border into Thailand and headed north to Chiang Mai (a section of the country we missed last time and swore we would come back for!).  It may be very old, but it is also flowing with tons of people and bursting with culture (music, art sculptures, handmade goods and textiles). 

Sure, there we saw great live jazz music, bathed elephants and had the best massages of our life, but what stood out to me was the Sunday night market. I have been to A LOT of night markets over these last seven months in Asia, but never have I seen one as diverse and massive as Chaing Mai's.

Starting our trek from the market's edge, we sampled our way down the seemingly endless street of vendors. The variety was incredible, with everything from meats on sticks, dumplings, mountains of noodles, gyoza, squidballs, sushi, cotton candy and even rainbow-colored grilled cheese sandwiches. Literally, any food you could want and many you couldn't imagine. DROOL